EDS Late Registration Internet

Late Registration Internet enables the power of Late Registration Live for smaller races and for situations where late registration occurs at multiple locations.

This high security, internet enabled solution leverages the same Web 2.0 technologies and fast, rock solid Unix servers as
Late Registration Live to deliver the same secure, high touch solution for situations when Late Registration Live isn’t the right solution.

Operation is simple. Registrants enter their data on a registrant machine and then go to a cashier for payment and race number assignment. This part of the interaction is completely paperless.

Having registrants enter their data eliminates data errors due to illegible forms or transcription mistakes and this approach sytematically enforces that all required data is collected and that bib numbers are not duplicated.

Cashier machines can be equipped with bar code scanners for accurate bib number input, receipt printers (which can be customized with your race’s logo and coupons or advertising), and cash drawers that allow them to work just like cash registers. You can also opt for a fast paperless cashier transaction.

Event Data Solutions can provide registrant and cashier machines, or you can provide them yourself for a more cost effective solution. EDS provides the software and training for your cashiers. You provide internet access and the volunteers for the cashier operation.

As with Late Registration Live you will also provide tables, signage and one power drop at each isolated table location. Standing height tables are strongly recommended for registrants, sitting height tables for cashiers.

A optional statistical analysis of your event can help you plan for future events.

To request more information on Late Registration Internet or to set up a customized demo or request pricing, please contact us.