EDS Race Day Registration

Race Day Registration enables the power of massively parallel data entry for getting in hundreds of entries per hour to enable scoring systems to have race day data extremely quickly.

Designed for extremely high volume race day entries, Race Day Registration leverages the same Web 2.0 technologies and fast, rock solid Unix servers as
Late Registration Live and Late Registration Internet to enable the quick entry of scoring data for race day entrants by up to 40 data entry persons simultaneously!

In addition to enabling extremely high registrants per hour run rates, entering data in this method also sytematically enforces that all required data is collected and that bib numbers are not duplicated.

Event Data Solutions provides the server, software, and data entry machines. You provide the tables, chairs, power drops and the volunteers for data entry. Optionally, you can utilize EDS’s internet web server and provide your own machines for an even more cost effective solution.

To request more information on Late Registration Internet or to set up a customized demo or request pricing, please contact us.