EDS Live Results

Have results ready at the finish line!

Live Results from Event Data Solutions delivers the results of your race to all participants in near real time.

Utilizing the same simple and intuitive interface of our packet pick up system, this system delivers your races results quickly and efficiently. Results can be viewed online or printed on a receipt. Coupons or advertising can be added to the receipt to turn this into a profit center.

For Live Results, EDS works with your timing company to provide a customized solution that is easy for your timers and participants. Results receipts can be tailored to provide virtually any type of results data available including placings, splits, transitions, and more!

No internet? No problem!
EDS can utilize either distributed cellular broadband or a dedicated live server environment to deliver results anywhere and anytime.

This system can eliminate the need for a results tower, saving paper and providing individualized results in a quicker and more environmentally friendly way.

To request more information on the Live Results system or to set up a customized demo or request pricing, please contact us.